Why is Butter so Infamous?

For starters, Butter is an SF LEGACY Registry Establishment.   We are # 182 in the registry out of the rotating ~150,000 registered SF businesses.  

Another of our very understated claims to fame is that Butter is the Original Home of the Red Bull Vodka cocktail.    Yes the drink globally institutionalized in the 2000's was actually started right here in 1998.    Its a long story of how that actually happened... but its part of what makes Butter special. 

We have MORE national and international press than most any other bar-restaurant in SF by far!    We've been featured on The Travel Chanel, No Reservations, Man vs. Food, Feed The Beast, Dive Bars & Drive In's, every Lonely Planet Guidebook since 2002, and we've even been a question on Jeopardy.    And this is just a short list.  

But what really makes Butter magical is our longstanding  and amazing staff, many that'd been here since day one, and our deep rooted origins to the SF dance scene and party culture as SF's unapologetic anti-establishment party bar stem back to the start of it all in the late 80's.  

Our Signature Drinks, that predated the mixology fad, have been the center of our Island Bar intoxicology program since day one and have never changed.   We pour a strong drink for a fair price, and have our own line of flavored Premium Vodka created specifically for mixing our Signature Drinks.    NO OTHER BAR ANYWHERE HAS THAT!  

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The Life and Times of the Vodka Redbull

And the Winner Is…

Thanks to all of our Butter fans and Yelpers! Butter loves ya!
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